NURS 5012 – Nursing Science and Patterns of Knowing, 3-Credits

An historical, contemporary and futuristic exploration of the art and science of nursing praxis including patterns of knowing: empirical, ethical, aesthetic, existential and emancipatory. Theories and models derived from nursing and the social sciences are synthesized for their usefulness in advanced practice nursing care for individuals, families, and communities to promote health and manage a variety of problems such as health threats, acute and chronic illnesses, and transitions. Opportunities are provided for students to synthesize family health concepts for use in clinical practice, scholarship, and research.

NURS 5020 – Statistical Methods in Nursing, 3-Credits

Quantitative procedures including descriptive and inferential statistics, non-parametric approaches to data, and parametric analyses. Selected research designs are explored. Analytic techniques are applied for use in selected research designs in health sciences research. Cross listed with CLTR 5020.

NURS 5030 – Nursing Research in Advanced Practice, 3-Credits

Examination of qualitative and quantitative methods of primary research employed to answer questions in nursing practice. Concepts include patient safety and quality principles, quality/process improvement, and evidence-based practice processes. Emphasis is on problem identification; design principles; and accessing, analyzing, disseminating and applying research for evidence-based practice.

NURS 5035 – Evidence-based Practice to Advance Clinical Scholarship, 3-Credits

The focus of this course includes use of evidence-based practice (EBP) processes for individual patient management aligned with advanced nursing practice expectations and Standard of Care. Emphasis is on clinical problem identification, accessing, analyzing, and applying primary and select secondary source literature and clinical practice guideline findings to facilitate quality, safe, and individual patient care management.

NURS 5060 – Advanced Pathophysiology across the Lifespan, 3-Credits

This course is designed for nurses preparing for advanced nursing practice roles across varying population foci. Concepts will include advanced human physiology, pathophysiology, and common clinical manifestations. A body-systems framework will be used.

NURS 5350 – Advanced Embryology and Neonatal Physiology, 3-Credits

This course examines fetal, transitional, and neonatal physiology. Embryology is also discussed, as the basis for neonatal development.

NURS 5362 – Advanced Health Assessment for the Nurse Practitioner Role: Neonatal Population-focus, 3-Credits

This course is designed to enable students to put into practice the principles and skills needed for advanced health assessment of the neonate.

NURS 5365 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory I, 3-Credits

The purpose of this first clinical course is to introduce the role of the neonatal nurse practitioner clinician in the management of normal and high-risk families and infants.  The focus of the course is to develop skills in the physical and psychosocial assessment of high-risk childbearing families during all phases of the childbearing process: antenatal, intrapartum, postpartum, and the neonatal period.  Special emphasis will be placed on events during the antenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum periods that impact the neonate.

NURS 5369 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum I, 2-Credits

The focus of this practicum is the assessment and management of moderately ill infants and their families.

NURS 5370 – Advanced Principles of Pharmacology and Management: Neonatal Population-focus , 3-Credits

Emphasis is placed on neonatal pharmacodynamics, on nursing measures that support desired drug responses or reduce side effects which must be tolerated.

NURS 5375 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory II, 3-Credits

Focuses on the acquisition and application of in-depth physiological and psychological knowledge to the nursing care of high-risk neonates and their families. Emphasis is placed on the role of the advanced practice nursing management of high-risk neonatal populations.

NURS 5379 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum II, 3-Credits

The focus of this practicum is the assessment and management of high-risk neonates and families.

NURS 5385 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory III, 3-Credits

This course focuses on the components essential for preparation of students for advanced practice in neonatal nursing.

NURS 5389 – Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum III, 3-Credits

The focus of this course is the assessment and management of critically ill high-risk neonates and their families.

NURS 5870 – Health Policy and Populations-based Advocacy for The Scholarship of Application, 3-Credits

This course focuses on the role of the advanced practice nurse in collaborative health care teams pertaining to health policy, health promotion, risk reduction, and illness prevention for population health. The role of the advanced practice nurse as advocate is explored. Educational strategies necessary for transformation of clinical education to decrease preventable deaths will be incorporated.