Post-Graduate APRN Certificate Program Plan of Study

Graduates are prepared to assume roles as Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. Graduates are prepared to be eligible to apply for the Neonatal Nurse Practitioner examination given by the National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Specialties.


Semester I

  • NURS 5350: Advanced Neonatal Embryology and Neonatal Physiology – 3 Credits

Semester II

  • NURS 5365: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory I – 3 Credits
  • NURS 5362: Advanced Health Assessment for the Nurse Practitioner Role: Neonatal Population-focus – 3 Credits
  • NURS 5370: Advanced Principles of Pharmacology and Management: Neonatal Population-focus – 3 Credits

Semester III (Summer)

  • NURS 5369: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum I – 2 Credits

Semester IV

  • NURS 5375: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory II – 3 Credits
  • NURS 5379: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum II – 3 Credits

Semester V

  • NURS 5385: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Theory III – 3 Credits
  • NURS 5389: Advanced Neonatal Nursing Practicum III – 3 Credits

Note: If the student has not taken Advanced Pathophysiology in their MS Program, NURS 5060 needs to be added to the Plan of Study concurrently with NURS 5350.

For More Information Contact:
Valarie Artigas, DNP, APRN, NNP-BC
Assistant Clinical Professor & Director, NNP Program

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